A few weeks ago, I had a free night and threw out the idea on the NSX Facebook page of getting together for dinner. I was surprised to have around a dozen folks show up. We decided to keep it up monthly for a while. It was and will continue to be a very informal time…basically just visiting over dinner. We would love to have you join us. Here are the details:

February NSX Dinner
Thursday, February 23 at 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM (Roughly, just come when you want)
Whole Hog Cafe North Little Rock
5107 Warden Rd, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116

Updates will be posted on the Facebook event page here.

We do have a semi-private room reserved and it would be handy to have a rough idea of who will be there. If you use Facebook, please mark the event as “Going”. If not, a quick contact through the website would be helpful. If you are reading this the day of, come on anyway. We will make room for you!

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Last Modified: January 13, 2019

5 thoughts on “February NSX Dinner Meeting

  1. Damon Wascom

    FYI: From Corey Dean [email protected]
    There was just a discussion on this in Facebook. One thing we have found with the md390 and gps is it really only works through a Hytera repeater. It has something to do with the way the 390 sends the data. The Motorola repeaters just drop the data and the hytera repeaters pass it.

    1. AE5AU Post author

      Thanks for the info, Damon. If that’s the case, you could test it on the Conway machine (W5AUU). It is a Hytera.

      It might also work on homebrew machines built with an MMDVM. Hopefully we will have something running one soon to test.

  2. Damon Wascom

    Sounds good, I’ll ping the Conway machine with my yagi and see if anything changes.

    I’ve been studying the mmdvm and others to try and pick one out for my self. Personally, I’m looking forward to the openspot once they are back in stock. The reason is that I’ve had bad luck with rpi’s corrupting sd cards. Also, I’m having many internet packet losses in general because of high wifi traffic in my area. My Mac mini sees well over two dozen routers! (I know, the pi has Ethernet…)

  3. Damon Wascom

    BTW, what’s with the homebrew machines? Are these just low power, uncoordinated repeater setups or what?
    I have a bunch of unused HT’s and a repeater controller board to build a “tactical” repeater in a box.

    1. AE5AU Post author

      What BrandMeister calls a “homebrew machine” just means that it is a repeater built with an MMDVM (or similar hardware, but I don’t know of others at the moment). Many could be machines sitting at someone’s house for testing, but some are full-power machines. I hope that we can get one on the air around here soon.

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