The Shinall K5NSX and Sherwood AC5XV UHF DMR repeaters have been switched. This switch might be temporary or it might be permanent…that is yet to be determined. For now, we are testing to see if there are issues with the hardware on the K5NSX repeater. If you notice differences in coverage between now and before the switch, please let us know.

The repeaters page has been updated to reflect the change.

2 thoughts on “Sherwood and Shinall UHF DMR switch


    After being down for at least a year, is there any chance that the K5NSX D-Star VHF repeater on Shinall with the ability to link to other D-Star repeaters will ever be active again?

    The D-Star repeater at the VA hospital has been virtually useless for about the same time, for other than local CQ with a small footprint, since it will not link to the internet.

    Checking D-STAR info shows K5NSX C 145.700 located South of Little Rock, in what appears to be Grant County.

    Thank you and 73′

    Harold W5HWH

    1. AE5AU Post author

      I’m sorry that I just noticed this comment…almost a year later. Joel owns this particular repeater and changes the mode around between DMR, P25, and D-STAR. I think there is now another (non-K5NSX) D-STAR repeater on Shinall managed by John, AD5FU. I’m don’t think it has internet yet.

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