Welcome to the new K5NSX website. I’ve moved it from Wordpress to a more basic platform…Jekyll, if you are interested.

A few notes:

The outdated NSX Codeplugs have been removed. I linked to a Google Drive that Mason, AF5WN, was maintaining. He has moved away, so they probably won’t be maintained. If someone wants to (or already does) maintain a cloud file share with central Arkansas codeplugs including the NSX repeaters, I would be happy to link it.

The Repeaters page is pretty well current. I removed the talkgroups as they were a little dated. Check the Brandmeister page for each repeater for static and scheduled talkgroups and notes about the repeater status.

Most of the posts on the old site were meeting notices. I have not recreated them as that didn’t seem helpful. I’ve also not recreated some of the really old posts that are no longer relevant.

I will try to post content more often. Let me know if there is something in particular you’d like to see.

73, Luke - AE5AU