DMR Guide

John, W2XAB, has taken the time to publish and maintain this excellent guide to help everyone better understand DMR.  The guide explains the inner workings of DMR and how all of the parts and pieces work together.

Most people find it helpful as it answers many questions…

The guide is located here and is provided via the DMR-MARC website.

New CS700 Codeplug – 20140824

The Connect Systems CS700 codeplug has been updated to reflect some talkgroup changes,  you can get it here.

Remember to change the Radio ID to the one that has been assigned to you.


K5NSX Talkgroups

K5NSX Talkgroups

More Talkgroup Changes

We are making some minor modifications to the talkgroups being carried.

We are removing Comm 2 and TAC 311 due to their minimal activity and have added the Michigan and Washington statewide talkgroups.  In addition, the Bridge talkgroup is now set to always on.

I will release a new codeplug for the CS700 in the next few days reflecting these changes.


Repeater Talkgroups

Repeater Talkgroups