Moving to BrandMeister

If you have been keeping tabs on the Facebook group you know that we have been doing testing on an alternative to the cBridge which connects to a new network with some exciting possibilities.


Using Motorola, Hytera, or Homebrew repeaters
The ability to use Dongles to communicate with the network
The ability to communicate with DStar reflectors
Support for location based services for Motorola and Hytera radios with GPS (APRS)


Less network activity, meaning less repeaters until people learn of it and test it. I have looked at the statistics and including all 3 repeaters, we use less than 3 minutes of network based talk groups a day, so I don’t consider this a huge loss.

BrandMeister-LogoWe will still have our local talk group and still have the Arkansas talk group as well, so communication among us will not be disrupted.  New sample codeplugs for Motorola, Hytera, Tytera, and CS based radios have been published to ease the transition to the new system.  In addition, I will be providing a list of the most commonly used talk groups and how they are configured on the system.

The Little Rock repeater has already been transitioned to the new system as I have been doing a lot of testing to ensure that it is stable and operates properly.  I have also contacted the other repeater owners in the state about moving to the new system and this should be completed in the next week or so.

Questions or comments, please let us know!

Adds, Moves, and Changes

As discussed on Facebook, we have evaluated the talkgroup usage on the systems and have decided to make some changes involving the removal of a few talk goups that see no usage and the addition of a single talk group introduced by the DMR-MARC organization.

These updates were completed on the cBridge yesterday so the current talk group selection is as depicted in the image below.

TG 20150405


The updated CS700 codeplug is also available here.  Remember to update you callsign and your radio ID before writing it to your radios.

Thinning Down the Heard

We are doing some significant pruning to the talkgroups we cary due to lack of usage. I am of the opinion that having talkgroups with such little traffic makes the system overly complicated to use and more difficult to find someone to converse with.

After some discussion on the Facebook Page, we are removing the following groups.

TAC 311, TAC 1, DCI 1, and Washington

I am also going to do some testing on merging the Audio Test and Parrot groups together to eliminate another talkgroup.

The new Codeplug is available here and as a surprise it has the contacts for all of the Arkansas users and all of the contacts heard on the North America talkgroup in the last 30 days, nearly 700 contacts in all.

Please don’t forget to program your specific Callsign and Radio ID into the codeplug before writing it to your radio.