More Talkgroup Changes

We are making some minor modifications to the talkgroups being carried.

We are removing Comm 2 and TAC 311 due to their minimal activity and have added the Michigan and Washington statewide talkgroups.  In addition, the Bridge talkgroup is now set to always on.

I will release a new codeplug for the CS700 in the next few days reflecting these changes.


Repeater Talkgroups

Repeater Talkgroups

Talkgroup Position and Availability Changes

The proposed changes outlined in my previous post have been discussed with the group via email and everyone seems to be on board and agrees that the changes allow some additional flexibility while always maintaining a slot available for local use.

This change is scheduled to take effect at 20:00 Central on June 4th.

We have updated the repeaters page with the new information and also prepared a new codeplug for the CS700.

Talkgroup Changes 20140603

Talkgroup Changes 20140603

Proposed Talkgroup Position and Availability Changes

Attached is an image of proposed changes which accomplish multiple things.

  • It brings us more inline with the DMR-MARC standard which most people are familiar with.
  • It separates the local/state/regional traffic from the “network” traffic, so we can maintain local conversations on the system during nets and such.
  • It enables us to leave some “network” talkgroups always enabled, so, for those talkgroups, no longer will you need to scan through the channels and kerchunk them to hear traffic.

Conflicts, meaning activity on multiple talkgroups on the same slot from the network to the repeater will be handled on a first come, first serve basis if there is no local activity on the system.

However, if you are involved in a QSO on any talkgroup, local or remote, it will “hold off” traffic from the other talkgroups on that slot for 4 minutes to keep your QSO from getting clobbered.

These changes need to be addressed sooner rather than later as they involve changes to talkgroup numbers in addition to talkgroup <-> slot assignment and will become much more difficult to do with a larger group of users.

Comments or questions?


Proposed TG Changes 20140603

Proposed TG Changes